Difference Between Content Strategy And Content Marketing

06 November, 2023

You might think that content strategy and content marketing are the same. They’re not but since the differences are sometimes subtle, it’s hard to make a clear distinction between the two.

Nowadays, it’s critical to use content marketing. But it’s also very important to discuss the content strategy.

Content Strategy
The content strategy for your website is the plan you created in which your goal is to use content to bring your business to the next level. You can write the content yourself, hire someone to do it or even share content from an external source you find good and appropriated for your audience.

Before you even start writing the content itself, you need to have a well-established plan to follow. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself while you’re creating your content strategy:

  • Does your content have a superior quality that will meet your readers expectations?
  • Where will you be publishing your content?
  • How often will you be publishing it?
  • What will you do after publishing your content?
  • What will be the layout of your content (bulleted lists, how-to’s, etc)?
  • What do you expect your audience to do after they finish reading your content.

Remember one thing: it’s extremely important to create a well-detailed plan with your content strategy. All details count. Usually, people only tend to think about what they’re going to write about, the frequency and the word count. But there’s work to do after publishing a piece of content also. It’s not just “publishing”. You need to be able to promote it so you get the most visitors you can to read your content and possibly, at a later stage, to buy your product or service. But following this plan is also important. It won’t do you any good just have a plan if you don’t follow it.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is the way you communicate with your audience and should be considered a marketing strategy.

The content should be informational, educational and compelling. You need to first identify your audience clearly so you know how to solve their problems and attend to their expectations. Despite your ultimate goal is to sell your products, hard-selling hardly works nowadays. Try instead to establish and build relationships. This will help you get the trust and credibility from your audience. And once they trust you, it will be much easier to them to buy one of your products or services.

Content marketing isn’t just writing a blog post. It also involves ebooks, reports, white papers, etc.